Make Your Own Cubee Leon The Professional

First let me say that if you’ve never seen the action classic flick Leon the Professional, you have some things to do. First, go ahead and put this Cubee Leon the Professional together, since you’re going to want him later anyway. Second go to our nearest redbox/netflix/dying blockbuster store around the corner and rent it. Seriously I loved this movie, and it’s quite the classic if I do say so, starring Jean Reno (From The DaVinci Code and…although I hate to admit it, Couples Retreat) and a too young to appreciate Natalie Portman. The movie rocked and therefore, by association,  so does this Cubee.

The concept behind cubees are fairly simple. The creator provides the designs for you with notable characters and other figures from a variety of TV series, movies, and other sources. Then you print out whichever one strikes your fancy, cut and fold them together, and voila! Your very own awesome little cubee paper guy..or girl…or monster, depending on your preference. Naturally being a professional killer, he’s going to need a glass of milk  and a potted plant to go along with his outfit. Oh, I guess he also has a silencer pistol too, almost forgot that one. Leon the cubee is sure to impress your nerdy friends and coworkers alike, and since he’s free and easy to put together, what’s stopping you besides laziness and the need to look somewhat busy at your desk on a slow afternoon in the middle of the summer? That’s what I thought. Get to work.

Now there are plenty of other cubee guys and girls out there vying for your attention, such as the President Barack Obama in 3d paper cube format, but Leon here brings some unique character to the table. He’s quiet, ruthlessly efficient, and looks bad ass even if you’ve never seen the movie. He’s like a little paper action figure that will light up any boring old cubicle. Do you have one of those cubicle things?

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Via: Cubee Craft