Top 12 Bicycle Designs and Concepts

While technological advancement takes massive steps towards making our lives simpler and easier, there are a few things that have stood the test of time and are still very much a part of our daily routine. Bicycles, one of the oldest modes of transport, have come a long way, transforming into different forms, sizes, and designs. Some might say bicycles are passé while others might sigh at the thought of paddling and puffing; whatever might be the reason for avoiding them, bicycles are still considered the most economical and healthiest modes for commuting.

If you are one of those who think the era of bicycles is gone or belongs to the kinds who feel embarrassed even to stand near one then check out some of the coolest and geekiest bicycles listed in this article. I bet you would change the mindset that has been made towards bicycles over the past several years. The bicycles listed in the article are cool, trendy, and an answer to the contemporary carbon puffing vehicles, depicting that the worth of bicycles has never depreciated nor will ever be. Bicycles are here to stay, may be in different shapes or varied forms, and when you look at the following bicycles, you would understand why I say so.

Strida 5.0 Folding Bicycle

Wondering if this triangular looking object is really a bicycle? Yes, indeed, this is a completely stylish and ultra modern version of its series. You can carry Strida 5.0 Folding Bicycle almost anywhere simply because it can be folded. Don’t be surprised if this superlight cycle gets all the attention of your friends.

The Electric Cherry

Have you ever been really worried about parking space or batteries or fuel of your vehicle? Well, now you can be rest assured for the Electric Cherry concept is a bicycle inspired by the fruit Cherry itself and is also an eco-friendly version of the paddling machine. If you are not satisfied with the eco-friendly features, I bet you would be stunned by its appealing profile.

Yahoo Bike

Yahoo Bike is a cool bicycle that allows you to click beautiful photos which you might miss out otherwise. What enables it to click images is its unique design. This GPS enabled cycle has a camera running on solar power which clicks pictures while the vehicle is in motion.

Apple Geeks – Bicycle Art

How would you feel if you had a cycle that not only offers you a laptop hard case but also lets you connect your iPod Nano to it? Sounds unusual, right? However, now you can get all this in the latest Bicycle Art design from Apple. Get ready to glow in the nightlight of the cycle.

Bamboo Bikes

You see your neighbors going green and wish if you could take an initiative too. If so, why not opt for a Bamboo Bike? These bamboo bikes are comparatively cheaper and don’t compromise on their performance vis-à-vis their technological counterparts.

DIY Green Cycle

DIY Green Cycle is an eco-friendly mode for commuting from one place to another. The creator of this concept, Nicholas Belly, made this bicycle using eco-friendly recyclable timber. If you think you can squeeze some time out of your busy schedule to contribute to the environment, then you should definitely opt to make this Do-It-Yourself Green Cycle.

Solar Powered Bike Lamps

Many of us hold high value for the style and fashion quotient when planning to buy a bicycle. This is because a bicycle is just not meant for commuting; but it also defines your tastes. Solar Powered Bike Lamps which includes solar powered lamps and expensive leather seats is a bicycle with fine combination of fashion and performance.


Another Jud Turner creation is R-Evolve – a skeleton art on bicycle. This would be another cycle just meant for souvenir purpose. You can’t ride this bicycle but can definitely use it to scare your friends with its creepy appearance.

Terminator Skeleton Bicycle

For all those people who desire to show the mean side of their nature, Terminator Skeleton Bicycle is the ultimate option. Though you can’t actually use it to move around as the bicycle is still not tested on the roads, the creepy look of this Jud Turner creation is something which can definitely make news.

Monkeyelectric Wheel Bikes

Looking at the power of the larger vehicles’ headlights, you often must have desired to have similar lights on your bicycle. But you didn’t have the answer to the question how. With the Monkeyelectric Wheel Bikes available, you can now incorporate a new style and light design to your bicycles too.


ORBIS Cycle, the latest addition to the hi-tech bicycles in the market, is also an eco-friendly bicycle. Though this electric vehicle has a single wheel, you need not be a trained cyclist to ride it as it can balance itself with utmost ease. The bicycle would actually be a great aid for times when you need to quickly get through the stressful traffic jams.

Rocket Man Bicycle

Ever wished your bicycle could fly? If you are one of those who barely have enough money to buy a bicycle but have dreams to fly high in sky, then the Rocket Man Bicycle is just for you. The Rocket Man bicycle can fly not in air but on road with a speed of 50-80 Km. Resembling a rocket in design, the bicycle still stirs hope in people that it may fly in future. Well, even we want to hung on to that hope.