Walyou Random Roundup [July 10, 2010]

Walyou Random Roundup for July 10, 2010 consists of HP touchsmart, Sackboy, Star Wars, Prince, Editing Tips, techno Turtle, Barack Obama, Super Mario and much more fun stuff. We definitely hope you enjoy the roundup…and wish you a wonderful weekend!

sackboy doll image thumb wrr

1. Let This Be A Lesson To All Geeks (I Am Bored)

2. Pothole Gardens (or the True Definition of Street Art (Lemon Drop)

3. Barack Obama’s BBQ (College Humor)

4. Star Wars Vader TIE Fighter Model (GadgetHim)

5. Would You Want to See a Movie About Facebook? (Asylum)

6. New ‘Iron Man 2’ Figures Hit the Web with… Arctic Iron Man? (Comics Alliance)

7. That’s No Moon, It’s Dessert!: Deathstar Cookie (Geekologie)

8. Super Mario Wall Sculpture Makes You Nostalgic! (WiiNoob)

9. 25 Videos of People Almost Getting Hit by Vehicles (Holy Taco)

10. The HP TouchSmart tm2t Has Landed (Geek With Laptop)

11. This seems not safe, but amazing (The Chive)

12. ABC Flexible Book : Electronic Learning Experience for the Kids (GadgetHer)

13. Prince Declares the Internet ‘Completely Over,’ Puts Out New Album on CD Only (URLesque)

14. Scuba-diving Dachshund (Boing Boing)

15. Edit Photos: Guy Gear (Ask Men)

16. Xbox 360 now has an officially licensed racing wheel to its own – the Xbox 360 MC2 (XboxFreedom)

17. Techno Turtle (Random Good Stuff)

18. iCub aircraft uses an iPad as part of its cockpit avionics (TechChee)

19. Video You Need To Know: The Gaslight Anthem, ‘American Slang’ (MTV)

20. Little Sackboy’s PS3 Day Out!! (PS3Maven) by Francesc Torres