iPad Stand Made from Pencils

Six pencils, four rubber bands and one iPad. Quite an unusual combination but an interesting one. And each one of the pencil is linked to the other. The electronic gadget iPad is rested on a stand made of the wooden pencils and rubber bands.

Julian Horsey a friend from Geeky Gadgets, is the brain behind the brilliant creation of an iPad Pencil Stand. Three pencils serve as the legs and three are put together to form the resting area for the gadget. The pencils used here have been sharpened which might not be a necessary thing to do but could be done for the sake of good looks. Around a year back Horsey had come up with a stand for the iPhone using 4-5 pencils. This time around he has given a little more thought into the matter and used pencils with an eraser at the back. The eraser tip serves as a soft rest for the back of the iPad which helps prevent scratches. The metal connecting the eraser to the pencil is good as a locator for the edge of the iPad and provides enough friction to support the gadget.

Let us also try making one such stand. It does not look like a very difficult task and should not take more than four steps. (a) Keeping the eraser tip on top, bring together three pencils, where one and two are at one level and three a little higher. Using one rubber band tie them up. One and two will form the front legs and three will be the rest for the back and the hind leg. (b) Position pencil four, eraser side facing out, parallel to pencil one and pencil five at right angles to all. Tie them together using the second band. (c) Similar to the second step, placing pencil six parallel to the first three and at right angles to pencil five, tie up all three with the third band. By now we will have a triangular looking front face of the stand. (d) This is the last step. Bringing together pencil three, four and six tie them up using the last band. The stand is now ready. All that is now needed is a little adjustment.

This is the fusion of the old age with the new age. We can see the brilliance here in the fact that simple day-to-day things have been put together to create a complicated looking, yet very simple, structure. Every time you use it give yourself a pat on the back and feel proud about it.

Weird yet interesting? Yes, it definitely was. You can also check out iPad Keyboard and iPad Stencil Kits to know more about iPad accessories.

Via: Geeky Gadgets