Catch The Composite Ver Ka Line Figure Temjin On Pre-Order!

Virtual On has come out with another new and yes, very amazing Composite Ver Ka line video game product Temjin which is being expected to be releasing in October only.

temjin banner

But the good news for the gamers is that they will not have to keep looking for chances to buy this product till October as the preorder facilities are open from now only. What you will have to do is just throw a glance over Temjin and order for it immediately before anyone else gets his hands on your piece!  If you order for the Temjin now at amiami, then a benefit of 26% is waiting for you as you can avail it with 26% discount for a limited time.

Before the release of Temjin, a figure of the Composite Ver Ka line, the Cyber Troopers: Virtual On has already introduced two other products, namely, Lancelot Albion and Gurren Lagann. The first two products of this line were designed by Katoki but this time there is a change in the designer and hence, a few changes in the product will be quite obvious. The previous product Gurren Lagann was designed to simply fit in with the general style of Katoki Hajime but this tradition has been broken this time. This new mecha definitely will be a fresh thing ready to please the game freaks with some new and inexperienced funs.


If you think that what’s new in this new design, then I must tell you that you will not see the impression of the 707 design which has recently gained quite popularity. So, does that mean that it will be something out of our imagination or is it just something very simple yet striking? The probability that arises here is that the simple formula of the first virtual on game released in the arcades and Sega Saturn may have been used here. This game was introduced much before, in the year 1996 and was able to draw quite great response.

However, the chances of use of the designs that were seen in Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram and Force is quite less. So, the only thing that most of the gamers are eagerly waiting for is the release of this newly designed mecha. Everybody has their particular favorites and it is expected that people will like it too. If you are ready to get your hands on it, then wait no more and just place your order!!

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Via: Tomopop