BMW’s Latest iPod Out Feature for iPhone & iPod Touch Enhances Your Musical Journey!

One of the leading automobile groups, BMW is proud to announce recently its support for new iPod out feature for iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

iPod Out

This company endeavors to provide full support for iPhone and iPod Touch in order to enable the use of latest iPod music features in mini vehicles and almost all BMW vehicles. The new iPod Out feature is designed to enable BMW and MINI documentary systems display and even control the music playback in iPod Touch and iPhone on the vehicle’s display screen. This interesting feature also provides custom playlists and Genius that helps creating a playlist of songs from the user’s own library directly in the BMW vehicles.

iPod Out feature was developed by none other than an international cooperation of the BMW Research and Development Center in Munich, Germany in partnership with the BMW Group Technology Office Palo Alto in Silicon Valley, California. Remember that this new feature works well on iOS 4 with iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPhone 3GS.

It seems this new feature is a kind of new milestone in consumer electronic device vehicle integration. We are not sure but hopeful that all the future vehicles will come equipped with this latest technology that enables to adapt more quickly to the software lifecycles of iPhone and iPod Touch devices.


Now, if you are wondering what is the major benefit of using iPod Out feature, then let us tell you that is allows you to change and even grow with the connected iPhone or iPod Touch. The best part about this feature is that using it is not at all difficult and even a beginner can easily use it without any hassles.

You will be thrilled to know that the new iPod Out feature also supports mirrors that innovation strategy of BMW ConnectedDrive for the BMW brand. Not only this, it will be also a part of the new Offer with the name of MINI Connected for none other than the MINI brand.

Just use this new feature for browsing through your music catalog, playlists, Genius mixes and podcasts. Many of you might agree that navigation the iPod interface was always simple through Apple’s click wheel and the same simplicity has been applied to this new feature developed for iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Now, remain relaxed reading this that even if Apple changes or removes an iPod feature in its next revision, the connected BMW or MINI will be able to reflect the changes made without putting you in any trouble of resetting the settings of iPod Out feature.

Many believe that this iPod Out feature is going to make life bit easier for BMW’s interface design engineers. Moreover, with this new feature, what is the need for developing your own iPod interface anymore?

Via: BMWblog