Lose Your Unwanted Weight with the Diet Mate Design

As a kid, your chubby cheeks were constantly pulled by aunts and uncles. As a teenager, your flabby arms and rotund tummy translated into endless jokes and laughs. As an adult, you have decided to take matters in your own hands and fight your flab.

No more butter roasted chicken and high calorie gravy, no more waffle pancakes with chocolate syrup, no more tubs of ice cream; you want to eat healthy and stay healthy.You try the latest diet fads, load your bookshelf with titles on cooking healthy meals, and count every calorie you eat.

One week…two weeks…three weeks pass, but you seem to have hit a roadblock with your weight. The diets you have been experimenting with make you hungrier than ever and this leads to binge eating. The cook books on your shelf are too complicated to try and they are catching dust. Having given up on your weight reduction will, you are now binging on a tub of Dutch chocolate ice cream.

But wait, put away your ice cream and your moody blues, for a concept to help you stick to a healthy diet plan is being developed. It is not a diet plan by some self-styled fitness guru, or an elephant sized cookbook that’s impossible to follow.

The concept, designed by Turkish artist Serdar Sisman, involves two tabletop panels and a dock. One of the panels is slightly bulkier than the other: this is used as a weighing scale for your food. The weighing scale is digital, runs on batteries, and is accurate to the last decibel. Since it is compact you can easily store it in your kitchen and use it anytime.

The second panel is the brain of the whole operation. It is a sleek tabletop design that has a display on it. This panel gives you access to all of the easy to cook, healthy meals you can lay your hands on. The sleek panel can be connected to the internet and you can download and store all of your favorite recipes on it. Think of it as a storehouse of your dietary plan.

The panel can also guide you on the combination of foods that give you maximum health benefits and at the same appeal to your taste buds. The second panel can be stored inside a slot in the weighing panel and both can be inserted in the dock when not in use.

The sole purpose of this concept is to encourage healthy eating habits and making it extremely convenient to do so. Get ready to trash your diet plans and throw away your cookbooks when the Diet Mate arrives.

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