Gundam Mobile Phone Charm Keeps Evil Away

You hold a brand new mobile phone in your hands. Its plastic body is fresh off the line and glitters. The full-touch screen is untouched and shimmers under light. You want to protect your newly acquired phone as a mother would protect her newly born: from all the jealousy, cruelty, thievery, and sabotage.

From the time you have acquired your new phone, you can sense friends and colleagues looking at it with an evil eye. There have been times when people around you have ‘accidentally’ dropped water, or other forms of liquid, near your mobile phone. At times, it has been a ‘playful’ nudge, push, or slap on your hand carrying the mobile, in anticipation that it may fall to the ground.

It may not be long before an ‘accident’ may occur with your mobile phone, which will make many a jealous friend or colleague secretly happy. What your mobile needs is an amulet, a good luck charm to ward off evil intentions.

Strapya World has released a set of Gundam mobile phone charms to protect your phone from all evil intentions. Gundam fans would know that with the mobile-suit robots hanging on your mobile, no one would dare try anything funny with your phone.

For the uninitiated, a Gundam is a weaponized mobile-suit robot that fights the forces of evil. They have appeared in anime series, videogames, and feature films. Gundams are popular pop culture icons in Japan.

The Gundams from Starpya World are cube-modeled renditions of the franchisee’s mobile-suite robots. You have the RX-78, which was the very first Gundam; the GN-000, which was the first robot to be powered by a GN drive; and a host of other Gundams old and new.

Whether you’re an old-school or a new-age Gundam fan, you will find a Gundam of your choice. Though they are mobile phone accessories, the Gundam designs have an artistic finish to them. The cube-modeled charms come with a transparent, colored tag that has the model number imprinted on it in white. Considering their miniature size, the models have intricate design and artwork that do justice to the screen versions.

The mobile charm Gundams will also add a dash of hip and cool to your already rocking mobile phone. The bodies of the robots can be rotated to select any one of the four weapons that each robot possesses.

So, if you wish to protect your mobile and look hip while doing so, possess your Gundam charm today for under $6.

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