Ceramic Speakers For Aesthetic Musical Experience

If you like trying new and truly one-of-a-kind things then the newly introduced ceramic speakers will be able to strike your attention with its respective features and strange facts.

Ceramic Speakers

Before mentioning anything else, the fact that needs to be pointed is the lightweight of these speakers. The heavyweight speakers that have so long been prevalent are definitely going to have a good challenge this time and the ceramic speakers have left no stone unturned in that. The stunning factor about these speakers is that these are compatible with almost anything; either it is an iPod or a digital music player, turntables or even laptop and desktop computers.

Let’s explore the ceramic speakers in detail and find out what are its main functions. Unbelievable but very true, these speakers are capable of playing music out of the poorly recorded tracks as well. Every beat and every tune will be delivered clearly to your ears and that has been possible just because these speakers are custom made and every minute care is taken in making it capable of conveying high resolution music with a depth.

The materials used in making these speakers matter a lot for which it has been able to deliver such fine performance. The things used for building this ceramic speaker are aluminum and cast iron, Porcelain and Baltic birch plywood and cork. The notable factor about the things used for making these speakers is that the use of plastic has completely been avoided in it.

As it has already been mentioned, one will not have to doubt the sound quality of these speakers that has got amazing specifications like a frequency rate of 70 Hz – 20 kHz and up to 15 Watts of audio output. The speakers have an impedance capacity of 4 Ohm and its nameable driver materials are paper diaphragm, die-cast basket, neodymium magnet and aluminum phase plug.

Ceramic Speakers Joey

Not to forget, the very look of the ceramic speakers is gorgeous enough to delight one. The amplifier is being made of milled steel and cast iron which have not only added a shining pretty look to the speakers but have also provided it a base to clearly deliver the music played. The whole thing, the ceramic speakers, is an instance of calculated designing and brilliant thinking. As these are small enough to hold by hands, one can easily fix these in their PC or laptop and listen to music with a base. These Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers are easily portable too that comes packed in a box with other things like 16-gauge oxygen-free copper speaker cables and 120V-240V power supply and adapter.

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