Create nutritious meals with MIT’s Digital Food Printer

If you are looking for ultimate control over the quality, origin, and nutritional value of your foods, MIT’s Digital Food Printer is your ideal choice.


Called ‘The Cornucopia’, you can use this 3-D printer concept to store, cook, mix and deposit ingredients to create healthy meals, with no wastage at all.


The process begins when you make selection of a particular food item using the device’s translucent screen (multi-touch), from a range of food canisters full of your chosen items. While the meal gets assembled, you can manipulate real-time parameters like calories or carbohydrate content. After this step, each ingredient is deposited into a mixer via pipe and then pushed out, giving you elaborate and exact combinations of food.


Cornucopia’s chamber then heats or cools the food via the heating and cooling tubes situated on the printing head. Thanks to the ability of this device to create quick temperature changes and hyper-localize heating, you can get flavors and textures that are almost impossible to achieve with contemporary cooking methods. So, prepare yourself to savor well-balanced meals with MIT’s Digital Food Printer.


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Via: Inhabitat