Home Sweet Home Device Scans, Process, and Reproduces Food

It seems to be an irony: As technology progresses making our lives simpler, we somehow don’t find the time to do simple things. Case in point being a decent home-cooked meal.

How many of us find the time and energy to whip up a nice hot meal either for ourselves or for our family. The majority would say “negative”. If we find it difficult to keep up with our professional and social commitments today, imagine the situation in the next 40-50 years. The pace at which we live our lives might speed up to an extent that we may not find the time to swallow a morsel.

Keeping this in mind, Brazilian industrial designer, Bruno Oro, in collaboration with Electrolux has designed a concept that will allow you to have your favorite food in a matter of seconds. Titled ‘Home Sweet Home’, the device will clone and teleport your favorite recipe at the click of a button. Sounds straight out of Star Trek, right?

The real inspiration for this device is a Brazilian snake called Sukuri (Anaconda) that circles and ‘scans’ its food before swallowing it. Home Sweet Home functions in a similar manner: Once the device is kept near a plate that contains a food item (say lasagna), it will elongate along the plate and rise vertically to scan the food. After it finishes scanning the molecules, it sends this information to its partner-device that will reproduce the food, molecule for molecule, on your plate. Easy, convenient, and most importantly, energy and time saving.

The device will have two parts: a wristband and a scanner. You will receive the information about the food on the wristband. When you wish to have the food, simply place the scanner near your plate and activate it through the wristband.

If you wish to have your mom’s pot roast chicken, all that your mom has to do is place her Home Sweet Home scanning device near the cooked chicken. The device will scan the food and send the information on your wristband.

An image of the pot roast chicken will flash on your band alerting you that the food is ready. When you reach home, activate the scanner and it will clone a steaming plate of pot roast chicken, just like your mother made it.

Home Sweet Home is a concept whose time has come. This device will allow individuals, who are hard pressed for time, easy access to a hot, home-cooked meal.

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