Real Facebook Dislike Stamp

For all creative minds who don’t like mincing words and take great pride in saying what they actually mean, however nasty or sarcastic, the words or just show their disapproval in wacky style, can now rejoice. Dislike stamp is now here!

Anything wacky always catches the attention of people, and when that thing is inspired by a famous networking site application, it is sure to sell like hot cakes. The Like stamp,  which caught everyone’s fancy, inspired by the Like button that’s used extensively by all the facebook fanatics, now has an evil twin. The Dislike stamp!

This toy like stamp is made from pvc mount on 6.4cm x 2.4cm rubber attached to an oak handle. This UK produce is yet to have a red ink pad for the stamp. But for now, even the blue ink pad that is sold separately is enough to keep people glued to this interesting product.

This stamp of dislike sure will get enough eyeballs when youngsters go on showing their disapproval in style. So at prices as low as £9.99, you can get one for yourself and also up your cool quotient by gifting it. So go ahead and grab one before others start showing it off, before you do!

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