Hilary Clinton Toilet Bowl Cleaner: The First Cleaning Lady

The short, fading hair is firmly gelled in place. A smart, baby pink sweater-blouse is matched with a neatly ironed skirt of a similar color. A white cotton top peeks over the pink blouse-and-skirt ensemble adding style and elegance. The hands are firmly held in a tight clasp above the midriff, and the blue gaze is steady and determined.

This is a plastic figure, and an exact replica, of the former First Lady and current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The replica exudes the poise and confidence that is a trademark of Mrs. Clinton.

The plastic figure is not all about charm and pedigree. If required, it can get down and ‘dirty’ as well. Attached to the head of the plastic Mrs. Clinton is a bunch of white, nylon bristles that forms a halo. The feet of the figure do not stand on a dais; instead stand upon a white plastic handle.

This, ladies and gents, is a Hilary Clinton inspired toilet bowl cleaner, called the First Cleaning Lady, that has a Clinton plastic figure attached in between a plastic handle and toilet brush.

Hillary Clinton is a role model for women in our country and around the world. She is a qualified lawyer, has a powerful role in the current cabinet, and stood by her husband as he was impeached from the Presidency following the Lewinsky scandal. She is known to be tough, no-nonsense woman, who is determined to achieve her political goals.

With the First Cleaning Lady you can bring the same dogged determination to cleaning poop and urine stains off your daily morning ‘throne’.

First Cleaning Lady comes in a folded, rectangular, Washington-inspired package box that has a colored caricature of Hilary Clinton dressed in all pink ensemble with a pink handbag (go girl power!!!) standing against a backdrop of the American flag. The front panel has a clear plastic wrap and proudly displays the Clinton cleaning brush against the background of a stage.

The toilet brush is marketed by Andrews Toolworks, Inc., located in Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition to First Cleaning Lady, Andrews Toolworks also has a Head of State toilet brush featuring George Bush, and an Osama Bin-Scrubbin’ toilet scrubber featuring you know who.

First Cleaning Lady is intended to be a gag gift that can be unleashed on unsuspecting relatives or friends during the holidays. The more adventurous can use it to scratch their backs when they have an itch there. This is available at $14.95.

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