iPod Wall Lights Up Any Room

There seems to be an endless supply of creative possibilities when it comes to using your average iPod. In this case, we have an individual who strung together about 20 different iPods, mounted them on a wall, and linked together the images to have them display some of them randomly and some in sync with the other mounted iPods. The construction also looks pretty straightfoward, although it looks like a whole lot of wrapping together USB wires, if you ask me.

Despite the obviously high cost of buying 20 iPods and mounting them, I have to admit the finished product is rather cool. It would be even better if they could link them together to play some kind of touch screen oriented game. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to play say, iPod Simon with their office mates across 20 different iPods? I think you might be able to get pong to work too, although it’d be a pain to hop from screen to screen. A memory game would also work well here, but I’m just spitballing for additional functionality here.

Comments from other site visitors have ranged from wanting to see an iPad wall (now that would be impressive looking!) to “useless.” Well….yeah it is hard to argue that this wall o’ iPod would have any practical functions, but that’s not really the point. The point is it looks cool and makes for a fun-filled few minutes to watch them put it together. For the office visitors (it looks like an office anyway), it’s a neat-looking piece to see on the wall. If they want to spend the money on the iPods to make a piece of wall-art then hey, more power to them!

ipod wall art using 20 ipods image

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20 ipod wall art

Via: Like Cool