How To Make Millennium Falcon Guitar?

The world-winning concept of the Millennium Falcon toy turned guitar is the creation of Travis S, a genius, a geek and perhaps even a real life Jedi. 

Millennium Falcon  Guitar

I guess you might remember about the RC Millennium Falcon that Flies at Your Finger Tips and this time it has become a guitar. Travis has stretched his mind and his creativity to such an extent that a thing that might would not be thought for next few years have been brought into action already. On being interviewed about this amazing idea and his journey behind the creation of this guitar, he unfolded all about the making of the guitar and the effort that was put for the final output. The commendable factor is that in stead of making the electric guitar look good and attractive, he tried to improve the technological functions of the guitar to raise its standard up-to-the-mark.

Millennium Falcon Guitar 2

Usefulness and durability are the things that were given prior importance by Travis while making this Millennium Falcon toy guitar. That is why, in stead of using plastic for making the guitar, he used a piece of maple block and tied the strings to it. This maple block works as the neck of the guitar and for attaching it to the toy he used some really powerful and reliable glue. Finally, for that standard look of a guitar, he fixed readymade neck of a used guitar that he bought online. Good to look more like and work like a guitar!

Millennium Falcon Guitar 3

It is the previous experiences of guitar building that Travis did with his father, proved to be of great use for him while making this Millennium Falcon toy guitar. After ending up with this electric guitar, Travis is thinking of making some more electric guitar of same type but with superior designs and better performance. However, he seems to be really happy with this one that he has presently finished. Ready to be played, whenever one wants, this electric guitar sports an amazingly one-of-a-kind light speed of point five!

Millennium Falcon Guitar 4

Making the Millennium Falcon toy guitar, as it has been unveiled, was not at all easy for the maker. It even took a long enough time period of one month and he had to devote his weekends for the making of the guitar. He also stated that it was the lack of the required materials and most importantly, time that made him invest so long a time for it. If he would have got all those things available in his hands, i.e., time and materials, the guitar would have been completed in just one week!

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