iPhone 4 End Call Antenna Decal

With the ongoing news surrounding the iPhone 4, this is probably the best parody of the situation. Introducing the iPhone 4 End Call Antenna Decal for only $29.iphone 4 end call antenna decal parody image
Seen @papermodelplane and found at the Daily What, this is something that I would have believed came out of Apple’s PR attempts. Heck, if Steve Jobs would simply add the word “Only” in front of the price, it could probably be one of their best selling accessories.

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2 thoughts on “iPhone 4 End Call Antenna Decal

  1. Tom williams.

    Wonderful !!! Very cool… BUT… Way overpriced… I’d pay $10 but no more… It ashamed it’s so expensive… I’d love tohave them for mh iphones

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