Bullet Bill Bass Guitar Mod

Bassists are considered the cool part of the band, right? But the guy who plays this Bullet Bill like modified bass will rather be accepted as a cool geek than being just cool.bullet bill guitar mod 1

Well, yes, someone actually did it! A user called Mikami-Delete, who is a member of a popular art sharing website made this thing from his bass guitar. For all those who haven’t heard of Bullet Bill, he is a part of Super Mario Bros huge arsenal of enemies. He is normally fired from a Bill blaster or from somewhere someplace off-screen. Coming back to the bass we have here, the whole thing is hand painted and the pick-ups are fitted such that they glow when they are in the working stage.

bullet bill guitar mod 2

This whole job, which involved manual efforts, cost the user about $40, which I guess is damn cheap considering the outcome, and it took him about a week and a half to complete the project. All in all, I think it is decent piece of artwork which may be very appealing to the Mario fanatics out there.

bullet bill guitar mod 3

And guess what, predictably, many are even ready to pay the user a whole lotta money for this piece of his. Music buffs will also find this digital guitar mouth watering enough; and this Music inspired home décor is something to die for, what say?