“Ghost Cameras” Come Out Right from Past 3 Decades

Creativity has no limits, nor does the expectations of the gadget freaks. Well, if you just take a single glance as this “ghost” camera with its pale white looks, it almost looks like it’s carved out of snow, but well these handmade earthenware cameras will surely win every photographers heart. It might give you an old-age camera look, but well, antique designing is the most lovable by the geeks.Ghost Cameras  Come Out Right from Past 3 Decades

A very delicate design, the result of handmade finishing, this one will definitely bring down the memories of the vintage cameras, just like the Classic Cameras. Designed by Yellow Owl Workshop, these cameras comes out from three past decades to remind you of every olden time where the cameras were intricately designed. Firstly, check out the 1960 based camera inspired by the rangefinder camera, Argus C3, and measures 5 x 2 x 3 inches.

Ghost Cameras  Come Out Right from Past 3 Decades 2

Well, these concepts will surely be a hit with its amazingly appealing looks, seeing the unusual and implicit design that is followed by the 1970 ghost camera, which stands 4 x 7 x 5 long, and is modeled after the Polaroid SX-70, which exactly replicates its elegant folding design. But the one to stand out in the collection is the ghost camera 1980, which measures 5 x 5 x 4 inches, and is based on the Polaroid One Touch, the most impulsive and fast camera, like the Super Chip Vision Book, that can scan a book in just a minute!

Ghost Cameras  Come Out Right from Past 3 Decades 3

You could get any of these Ghost cameras for just $65, don’t miss out on these, for these creative and innovative concepts are something you would rarely come across.