Necklace Phone is the Future of Mobile Technology

Hands-free is an easy way to attend your phone calls while you are busy with something else. However, it’s difficult to keep it attached to your ears all the time as it often gets uncomfortable. The new nek-fon cell phone has a solution to this problem.

After a hectic day at office, after battling through rush hour traffic and crowds, after snatching the last parking space available, you have finally reached the marketplace for some last minute holiday shopping.

The marketplace is brimming with people as you carefully step your way through the crowds. While you are shopping your mobile phone rings. Since both your hands are occupied, you find it impossible to maneuver your phone out of your pockets or activate the Bluetooth. You were expecting an important phone call and you wish there were some way to answer the phone.

Cut to: the immediate future. A lady has her two hands occupied when she gets a call. Without flinching, she answers the call and talks. She was able to do so with her Nek-fon: a cell phone that’s built into a necklace.

The Nek-fon will not only allow you to answer your phone when you have your hands full, it will also help you make heads turn. In other words, it is a phone and a style statement rolled into one fine piece of jewelry – a woman’s best friend.

For now, though, it is a concept by Los Angeles based industrial designer, Verenice Macedo. The reason why we think it will adorn your neck in the near future is that it has the backing of South Korean tech giants, Samsung.

The necklace-embedded phone represents the best of today’s technology coupled with trends of the future. It has a C-shaped, metallic neckband and an oval pendant. The neckband has a red colored receiver, while the pendant can be detached from the neckband and functions as a Bluetooth earpiece.

With the receiver on your neck and the Bluetooth on your ear, it truly offers you a hands free mobile experience. It is very easy to receive calls with the Nek-fon, but what about other functions such as texting, surfing the net, updating your contact list, or making a call. These functions can be easily performed as well.

The metallic neckband has a pinhole camera that will project a screen. The user could project the screen on any flat surface and transform the surface into the phone’s interface. You could type text messages, check your mail, watch videos, by just clicking on the flat surface.

With the Nek-fon you no longer have to worry about carrying your mobile phone to a fancy dinner party or gala event. You can simply wear your phone on the neck as a cool accessory and watch heads turn.

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