Gaming Console War Veteran Pins Show Your Allegiance

Whether you spend your time staring down quarterbacks in Madden or leading a group of hardened marines into enemy territory in Gears of war, you’ve paid your gaming dues and earned your stripes. Now you can finally wear them proudly on your sleeve or anywhere else you like with these Console War Veteran pins.

Playstation War Veteran Pin

We’ve all paid our dues, spent our time in the front lines. We’ve seen the best and worse of humanity and seen gaming console after console come and go. During all of that we’ve put up with the cry babies and the sore losers and worst of all the next door neighbor with with the sweaty palms that insisted on using your favorite game pad. We put up with the doubters and stuck with our guns, defending our chosen console to the  death, or at least until the latest model came out. Now Finally thanks to Supermandolini we can show the masses what color our gaming console blood bleeds without having to waste any of our breath.

Console War Veteran Pin

After years of feeling misunderstood it’s good to know that the guys over at Supermandolini understand our plight and are finally recognizing the contribution we, the real console warriors are making in the fight against kids playing outside:

These pins are sixth set in a series of limited edition pin ‘medals’ that celebrate the memories of endless epic battles, infinite high scores and numerous blistered fingers

Sega War Veteran Pin

Each pin celebrates an iconic joystick/game pad from our gaming past and present. I love the great military style design and colouring of each Console War Veteran Pin making them instantly recognizable. Now all we need is a matching beret and firearm. Each enamel pin has a metal body with a gold finish and weighs 15g more or less and is about 5cm x 2.5cm in size.

Xbox War Veteran Pin

Whether you get yourself a reminder of simpler days when your SNES got more use than your arthritis medication or a want to proudly declare your love for your Playstation, there’s a pin for you.

Super NES War Veteran Pin

Back when Super Mario Bros was ground breaking, and 3D was nothing but a pipe dream we were rocking the NES. Gaming history without which gaming as we know it probably wouldn’t exist. We were out there fighting alongside Zelda and those tireless Italian plumbers for a life less active and now, finally, we have the medals to prove it!

NES War Veteran Pin

We game console fanatics get marginalized as slackers, social misfits and generally undesirable members of the food chain. Proudly wearing these shiny Console War Veteran pins probably won’t do much to change the minds rest of the world but at least we’ll have something to talk about, other than which brand of sunscreen offers the best protection when forced to go outside.

Of course if you are still fighting the good fight and aren’t ready to give up on the past just yet try out the 3 in 1 Gaming Console For The Old School Geek.

Via: Geekiz