Dr. Grordbort Rayguns: The Chaos Continues

I hope you remember the previous collection of Dr. Grordbort’s rayguns and guys the latest collection of the rayguns is very appealing like the previous ones.


The rayguns by Dr. Grordbort can assuredly bring a revolution to the weapon world and that is not required to be claimed by anybody as the very sight of the set of three guns speaks all about these. Dangerous enough, these rayguns at first glance will look more like the ones that are used in video games for shooting those flying ducks, but wait, don’t go by their looks. The power and the force that it releases on the pressing of the trigger can create dread among anybody and what can be as best an instance as this that the life of an African elephant too can be put to an end in just 10 earth seconds!! The Der Adler belongs to Dr. Grordbort’s Manmelter 3600zx Raygun Series. The Der Adler that also is named as the Eagle is handpainted on a different scheme. The paint of this raygun is based on a Messerschmidt BF109 fighter plane that was used in the World War II. This fighter plane was the real enemy of the British Spitfire in the World War II.


The Divine Ray is another weapon from Dr. Grordbort’s Manmelter 3600zx Raygun Series is and this one also is handpainted but it is based on another fighter plane Mitsubishi A6m (Zero) that was used in the Japanese World War II. Buyers must not delay in approaching the booth as the best pieces are served first and anybody can get lucky enough to find the best of its pieces.


Last but not the least, the Iron Tiger cannot be left out with its amazing painting schemes portraying the beauty of the Tiger I tank (Panzerkampfwagen IV) used in the German World War II. For more killing a look it has got foliage for camouflage and antimagnetic Zimmerit paste attached to it.

Though all these three rayguns are a version of the Manmelter 3600zx Raygun by Dr. Grordbort’s, the designs of these guns differ from each other and that is why; these are unique to throw a particular look and to explore the features one by one. The basic common factor about these rayuns is that all three are handpainted guns.

Each of these rayguns cost the same, only $1,250.00 and buyers seeking for a piece of these guns will really have to hurry as these are available for sale only in Weta’s booth 2615 situated at ComicCon in San Diego and that is too till 25th of July, 2010.

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