Grip Your iPhone/ iPod Game With Helix

Gaming in iPod or iPhone touch can now be even better and enjoyable with the introduction of the very new PosiMotion Helix Gaming Grip.


Helix grip converts the iPhone into a steering wheel and lets the user play his game with great comfort and precision just at the cost of $20. The best factor about the Helix is that the gamer can attach the iPhone to it at anytime while being anywhere to enjoy getting into the world of games and races.  So, from now on it does not matter whether you are flying in the sky or are sitting next to your father in your car, the door to the gaming world is always open for you!

The fun of playing in an iPod with the Helix gaming grip gets doubled when the player opens a racing game. The steering wheel look of the iPhone lets one feel the real charm of being behind the wheels and driving his car or bike to defeat the person ahead of him. The most commonly found problems like lack of control over the driver and accidents in abrupt turnings will not be here while playing through the Helix. There is more control and more grip in this system. Well, Helix now has added another unavoidable reason for one to go for the iPod Touch or the iPhone as such great gaming experience can rarely be found with any other phone.


There are so many features of this gadget that at a time it will be difficult for one to point out the drawbacks of the Helix. Apart from being a very light and portable thing, it has got other great characteristics like providing portrait and landscape mode, best compatibility with accelerometer-based games, soft and easy to grip handles, wide handles for accurate steering control feeling and so on and so forth.

Either the user wants to fix the iPhone horizontally or vertically, any position can easily be created. Designed absolutely for being used in the Apple iPod Touch and the Apple iPhone, it has got slots on both the sides. These slots are kept in order to pass the wires through it and for keeping a hole for the iPhone camera. As the Helix is good to be hold and operated by the players of any age, there are many chances of making people of all ages go gaming freak with the latest introduction. The advantage of this type of gaming is that the player will not have to stick to his computer and simply getting an iPhone or iPod Touch will do the best to start it by being anywhere.

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Via: Posimotion