Pli is a Simple Yet Elegant Designer Lamp

Imagine this – you curl up with a book in a corner of your room and the only light source is the lamp shade at your side. Sounds very cozy and warm, right? Lampshades have been used since centuries and have stood the tests of time. They are still adored by families for the warmth and coziness they exude to the surroundings. Lamp shades can be found in various designs with each one having its own unique style. They can be circular, spherical, square, hexagonal, and in many more shapes that one can imagine. It all depends upon he imagination of the designer since this product can allow designers to apply their creativity to various levels.

Pli is an example of one such designer’s creative wanderings. French designer Julien Bergignat has come up with the concept of a lampshade that can be created from one sheet of any material. It could be thermoformed plastic, bend wood or a sheet of steel. The basic idea is to fold the sheet in such a manner that it takes on the shape and structure of a lampshade. The entire process requires the sheet material to be cut and folded thrice. The end product is pretty simple yet very elegant. The wire runs through the back like a stitch and from it the bulb holder can be suspended. Well, it would have been a good idea to design it in a manner that the wire ran from the inside in order to give it a clean look. But since it is at the back it is hardly visible. The back also has a hole which gives the user an option to mount the lamp from the wall.

Since this lamp is created from a sheet of a material it would be good to tell you a little about the material being used. Steel sheet and bend wood are not so uncommon. However, thermoformed plastic is not much heard of.

Thermoformed plastic is prepared from a thermoforming process in which a plastic sheet is heated to a temperature where it is pliable enough to be folded and given a shape of an object. It can also be trimmed later to give it an appealing look.

Pli is a design created by the designer who has made use of minimal design yet with great thinking.  Moreover, the entire product gives the look of an eco-design which adds on its beauty. As it is rightly said – Beauty lies in simplicity.

It is indeed a new way to decorate your rooms. To know more about such lamps check out Wonderlamp and Moree LED Cube.