The Bracelet That Keeps Watch On Time!

Are you some one with a fetish for unconventional accessories? If yes, you are on the right page. Designed by a student from the University of Oradea, this bracelet looks absolutely cool. Subtly stylish, Wrister e ink is here not just to embrace your hand but also to tell you the time. Thanks to the digital watch that appears to be embedded in the bracelet, you are not required to put on a real watch.
wrister e ink
This bracelet breaks the tradition of watches which look like bracelets. The artist, behind this offering is Dorian-Vlad Dudi, a Romanian, who has used mainly plastic to come up with such an elegant accessory.
He seems to have used e ink, a concept which has been adopted by a Japanese watch brand. The very fact that there isn’t much information on e ink, the bracelet comes up as a teaser. We got to wait and look for other products that get designed on the same concept.
wrist watch concept e ink dorian
Till then I’m going to admire the bracelet and grab it the moment it sees the day of light.
wristwatch e ink concept dorian image
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wristwatch e ink concept dorian