An Advanced Forklift Concept – Sense

Question: What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a forklift? I guess probably nothing. The square-looking industrial truck, which is used to lift and transport materials, is a tortoise-paced machine that moves in a straight line and does not require a whole load of intelligence to operate it (no offense meant to forklift operators).

For a machine that might put a person watching it in motion to sleep, it has, surprisingly, a plethora of names: a lift truck, side loader, a high/low, fork truck, a stacker-truck, tow-motor, trailer loader or a fork hoist.

Despite its yawn-inducing looks and sleep-inducing speed, the forklift is an indispensable part of manufacturing and warehousing operations. Safety is an integral part of forklift operations and operators are trained rigorously in safe forklift practices. In spite of all the training and precautions, accidents do occur.

French designer, Damien Urvoy, along with a team comprising of Pasi Savolainen, Pekka Salokannel, and Ari Klviranta has designed a forklift that is safer, faster, with an aesthetic appeal. Titled ‘Sense’, the forklift concept by Urvoy and his design team optimizes the working area while increasing reliability and efficiency.

When you look at Sense, the body aesthetic immediately catches your eye. The body is aerodynamically shaped with long, sleek lines: words one would seldom use to describe a forklift.

Sense has a vibrant orange-and-yellow color tone to match its aerodynamic design. A welcome break from the monotone colors that forklifts usually wear.

The concept represents the next generation of forklift machines that provides a safe and comfortable working environment for the worker. And when we talk about comfort, ergonomics cannot be far behind. The backrest of Sense is designed to maintain the correct posture while working and can be adjusted.

The new age forklift concept scores high on aesthetics and comfort. When it comes to safety, the design scores a ten-on-ten as well. The steering wheel of Sense contains a display that allows the operator to have maximum control of the industrial truck. The operator can control the speed of the truck and the lift mechanism by pressing buttons rather than shifting gears, which is a more tedious process.

By simplifying the operating mechanism in Sense, Urvoy and his team has increased the safety aspect of forklift trucks. Sense is not just an ordinary forklift truck. It is an intelligent design that would allow workers to work in a faster, safer, more efficient manner while adding a dash of color and excitement to the workplace.

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