Isn’t This Star Wars Yoga By Matthew Latkiewicz Funny?

If you love following the Star Wars characters and are a big fan of them, then you probably will find the Star Wars yoga too attractive and useful which has been introduced by Matthew Latkiewicz.

star wars yoga x wing

Who knows, you may also find these good to stay fit by following certain very easy and even funny poses of yoga. A writer and comedian by profession, Latkiewicz says that the reason behind taking an inspiration from the Star Wars and using it as a means to promote his yoga is just to encourage the fatty overweight geeks who otherwise do not find yoga that interesting.

downward facing wookie

He has opted for this new marketing strategy with this thing in mind that there must be people aging 30 plus and who might have been sitting with an Apple laptop in hands and surfing the internet for knowing some good poses of yoga that can keep them young, healthy and energetic. Great thinking guy….whatever the marketing strategy behind is; the benefits are on both the sides.

collapsed at

Quite a few poses of Star Wars yoga have been illustrated and demonstrated in Latkiewicz’s personal blog “You Will Not Believe This Blog”. Even the funniest thing is that the blogger himself is seen giving a demo of the poses and these have been given particular names too. The best part is that a series of faux memo stating to have taken place between the creator of the Star Wars George Lucas and LucasFilm Marketing VP Steve Jones is also provided along with the images of Latkiewicz practicing yoga. The fine part of this memo is that part where Steve tries to explain Lucas the concept of yoga and says that it is not any version of Yoda and has nothing to do with this fictional character.

saber one

Latkiewicz further says that for the promotion of the Star Wars series and to keep its target audience satisfied, the Star Wars creators have tried their hands on everything like manufacturing and selling the action figure toys and cool lunchboxes. But rather than all those marketing strategies, this one is believed to be working better with amazing results and yes, this one is really working. Most of the yoga poses demonstrated by him seems to be effective but the one named ‘Reclined Jabba’ looks like good for one thing only, i.e., making you laugh on the very first impression itself.

Some other poses introduced in the Star Wars yoga are Downward Facing Wookie, Collapsed At-At, Saber One, X-Wing Extended, TIE Fighter Advanced and Half I Am Your Father. Well, Latkiewicz needs to be credited for finding out such one-of-a-kind names as well!!

Via: Weburbanist