Shark Knife is Awesome Looking, if Not Very Useful

I’m always amazed at the creativity and detail that goes into making weapons. This shark knife is a great example of a weapon that looks completely and utterly badass, and also one that would be just next to useless in an actual fight. Sure all of the blades and the shark face look cool, but you’d be just as likely to cut yourself as an opponent. That aside, it’s a rocking weapon, and I’d be happy to have one mounted on my wall in my armory. Now all I have to do is actually setup a room with weaponry and call it the Armory. I’ll get on that.

Other commenters seem to feel the same way I do about the piece: “I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the guy wearing it is a bigger threat to himself than to anybody else… just imagine the consequence of tripping over an untied boot lace…” No kidding. Although I do approve of the suggestion to add some kind of laserbeam to the shark head. At least then you wouldn’t need to worry about anyone getting close enough to you.

There’s also plenty of other weaponry here on Walyou for you to add to your Arsenal. If you are looking for something a little more wieldy and functional, for example, there’s the Meeting Knives, which provide a perfect set for every professional serial, cook.  If you’re more of a flashy type (which of course you would be if you owned one of these insane looking shark knives) there’s always this Steampunk Swiss Knife Gun. There’s never anything wrong with combining a gun and a knife together, after all. It worked for Final Fantasy, right? Am I right?!

Via: Boing Boing