Locate the Hidden Snake Game In Youtube: Youtube Easter Egg

Watching video on YouTube has become more entertaining from now on because one will not have to kill his time or get bored of while waiting for a video to load and on the contrary, can utilize the whole time for playing an amazing game that has been named as “Easter Egg”.


You can recognize this game pretty well if it is being said to you that it is just the very same game that you might have played in the older models of Nokia mobile phone. Did you enjoy playing it and took it as a challenge? Okay, then this time when your YouTube video is buffering, you just find out this amazing game that has been kept hidden by YouTube and enjoy your time. However, the notable factor is that this game is available in YouTube only and for finding it out you must also practice a few necessary things.

Now the most important thing is how and where to find this snake game! It is just very easy and for that the player will have to see whether the video is on its way to loading or not. Hit the pause option and press (and hold) the left arrow key, immediately after which the game will appear in the play area which will have to be taken over by the player quickly.

People who have passed their time by playing this game and waited for their video clips to get completely ready have found it quite exciting. The rules of playing this snake game is just the very same as the one that was loaded in old Nokia handsets. The pre-defined area where the video loads is the play area as well where the snake keeps scrolling and the player will have to control the snake and save it from banging on the borders of the play area and from hitting on its own body part.

While scrolling within the box, the player will have to notice that the snake is eating the dots that are found on the way and this will gradually make the snake grow longer and even faster as well. If the snake hits the border or its own tail, then it will be dead and the game gets over by that time only. You will then be left with an option to start the game again and it is for this rule of this game, the player is demanded to provide his full attention to the game only. Well, YouTube guys have done a brilliant work in keeping people busy and making them forget the pain of waiting for a video to buffer!

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Via: Urlesque