Transformers Windows Media Player will Transform Your Music Experience

I have a confession to make, I never put a skin on my winamp player..or media player..or whatever I happen to be using to play my music at the time. Since it plays my music and I immediately forget about it, I suppose I never thought to take the time to install one, but looking at this Transformers Media Player interface, I may actually change my mind. If I still used Windows Media Player, anyway.

I think it’d be cool if the skin could transform into something. You know, like make your Media Player transformer into an autobot and drive around the screen, making it terribly annoying to actually choose a song. You’d be stuck on shuffle forever, but that’s the price you pay for a badass looking Windows Media player interface. I’m sure there could be a decepticon model to go along with as well, if you’re into being a traitorous wretch, that is.  Assuming it doesn’t have the functionality I described, it looks like all of the controls you’ll need are wrapped into a nice, neat package.

Of course we also have plenty of other Transformers stuff lying around here on Walyou,too. Optimus Prime, in particular, has been featured here a number of times across a variety of fun and whacky forms. I mean we’ve seen him as a toy train figure and even as a giant balloon transformer sculpture. We just can’t get enough of the Prime, it seems.  Well, I don’t know, after the latest Transformers movie may I have seen enough of him.

Via: Kingyo