Recreate Your Own Dr. Eggman/Robotnik Amigurumi with PDF Pattern

Human creativity takes inspiration from the world around us and art does imitate life but in these modern times thanks to technology we get to see new artistic creations. Here is the crotchet pattern for recreating Dr. Robotnik also known as Dr. Eggman who is one of the popular characters of Sonic The Hedgehogs. Fans of this well known antagonist will love to have him as an amigurumi doll.

amigurumi robotnik pdf pattern1

Crotchet craft or knitting requires extreme patience and creativity but more than that it needs unique ability to recognize the underlying patterns. To map antagonist Dr. Robotnik into repetitive pattern and offer it as PDF pattern is the best way to spread word of art.

amigurumi robotnik pdf pattern2

This PDF pattern will encourage keen fans or friends of geek fans to sit and recreate 18” Dr. Robotnik which will provide great creative satisfaction too.  Everyone can buy amigurumi dolls but only few can make them on their own. This Dr. Robotnik PDF Pattern is available on Esty for $5.00.

amigurumi robotnik pdf pattern3

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