Polaroid Cameras Rejuvenated, Almost!

Polaroid Cameras were all the rage once. At the time when developing your photos meant a 2 to 3 days wait, Polaroid cameras were radical gadgets which were all about instant results. But with the advancement in technology over the years and with the arrival of Digital Cameras, Polaroid became a thing of the past. So it was just a matter of time someone reinvented the once celebrated Polaroid Cameras into something that we can better identify with in these changed times.

The Polaroid Camera Redesign by the designer Evan Jardee is what we are talking about here. And mind you the redesigned camera looks nothing like its older counterpart. It is much more stylish, sleek and a whole lot of functionality added to it to make it a multi-tasking gadget, something which seems to be a requirement now days. The camera is fashionably designed in aluminum with injected molded Polypropylene body and button. With multiple viewing options on the camera you can view the pictures either horizontally or vertically as a slideshow, and while on the go, you can network and print photographs as well.

When it comes to capturing the pictures the gadget surprises us all with its innovative utility. In the panoramic view, the camera lens does a wonderful 360 degrees rotation to capture the photo beautifully and when taking a timed picture, it very conveniently acts as its own tripod to save unnecessary fuss. But what actually makes a Polaroid camera is its instant picture printing. And this one doesn’t disappoint. The printer can be loaded with 3×5 photo paper inside the drawer of the printer and the camera’s interface can be used to print out photos either wirelessly or when docked to the printer. The captured snapshots are printed and then released from the front slot of the printer. The camera is fitted with Piezoelectric Inkjet Printer for the finest quality of photos.

Flexible OLED, Lithium Ion battery, MEMS Microphone, WIFI and 10 GB built-in Memory, USB,DC and memory Inputs can easily make this an object of affection for many gadget freaks. But a point to be considered however is what is so special about this camera which gives it an edge over all the other cameras in the market. Realistically speaking there is little this camera can boast about that all the other cannot. Besides the feature of printing out a photo, this camera has little to offer. With digital cameras taking over our lives and making print-out photos a thing of the days gone by, the Polaroid Camera has limited uses now days. True fans of those cute little prints-out photos from a Polaroid, however, have a reason to celebrate.

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