Spin Master Presents Disney’s Tron Vintage Figure

Two world renowned companies that are dedicated to take entertainment to new heights are coming together once again. Disney produced the Oscar nominated movie Tron in 1982. Spin Master, a leading children’s entertainment company, is floating the Tron vintage figure in the market.

Tron: Legacy, a sequel to the movie Tron is on the cards. The production of the movie may take some time but until then Tron fans are being offered a Tron vintage figure, which has been produced by Spin Master in collaboration with Disney.

The basic theme of the movie Tron revolved around the software world, and computer programs and files. All programs and files were given a physical identity with the plot unraveling within the computer system. Characters, both positive and negative, were found in the software system, which was controlled by the bad guy. The hero had to defeat his opponent in a video arcade game to win over the system and fight his way out.

The first look of the product itself reveals the arcade game theme. The product carton displays a video game complete with a screen and joystick. Within the attractive and appealing package lies an equally amazing figure.

Before purchasing the piece you might want to try out a special feature of the figure. No you need not open the pack. The front of the pack displays a button which can be pressed to try out the product without opening it. Press it. What do you see? You are right, the figure lights up a cool blue color giving it a very science fiction kind of appearance. Having tried out the product you might want to get a clear view of the entire figure. To do this you would need to purchase it. Go ahead and get a Tron figure for yourself. Being a limited edition product it will soon be sold out. After all 1500 pieces do not take long to get over.

Disney’s name has always been associated with entertainment, not only for children but also adults. Spin Master has entered the arena quite recently but has climbed the ladder to success at a fast forward rate. Every product that has come out of the Spin Master’s hub has been greeted with open arms. Each one has carried with it its own special features and expectations of consumers have gone on rising. With Tron Disney is celebrating its most popular sci-fi franchise, the Tron vintage figure from Spin Master will make sure that the celebration is completed with a big bang. Consumers are going to get the same promise of an outstanding product. After all when two entertainment giants come together there is bound to be a grand show.

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