20 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas For Her

We’re already approaching towards February, that means, Valentine’s day is fast approaching. You also know what that means, right? It’s about time for you to start preparing for the special day with your special other, which includes beginning the hunt for Valentine’s day gifts for her.

When considering Valentine’s day gifts for her — your wife, girlfriend, life partner or mom — it might be notable to add a touch of sentimentality and sweet gesture with your gifts. We at Walyou understand that picking the perfect gift could be an arduous task, so we’d like to help you out by laying out a few nice options for a gift.

See the 20 Valentine’s day gifts for her here:

1) Never Withered Preserved Flower Rose

rose in a box valentine's day gift

If you think bouquet of roses have become cliche, here’s a different way you could give roses (or a rose for this matter) to your loved one: buy here a never withered rose. This preserved rose, unlike the natural roses in bouquets lasts longer, with its florescence lasting for about three to five years. It’s also available in various colors and box types so you can choose what suits her taste. Get your eternal rose gift here.

2) I Love You Custom Handwriting Sound Wave Art Canvas

wall art gift for valentine's day

What’s more sweet than your own expression of love as a gift, right? One way to do that is through this art canvas that would show the sound wave of your own voice saying “i love you,” together with these words written on your own handwriting. Probably something that would make her smitten whenever she sees it displayed in her room.

The sound wave art canvas is printed on archival matte canvas and is ready to hand.

3) His and Hers Matching Couple Coffee Mugs Set

His and Hers matching cup set for valentines day

Are you a coffee couple? Well, couple items never gets old. She may love having a matching mug while having coffee in the morning with you (or probably tea at night, too).

The off-white 12 oz mugs are in matte finish and made of stoneware ceramic. Get your pair here.

4) LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

bath bomb valentines day gift for women

If your girlfriend/ wife/  mom/ sister is into bubble baths and moisturizing, this may be the gift she would really appreciate: a dozen of handcrafted bath bombs! Let her enjoy her bubble bath as the soap fizzes with colors in the tub. Order this set here.

5) Beauty and the Beast’s enchanted rose

beauty and the beast valentines day rose

If your girl really loves roses despite you giving her a bunch of those many times before, here’s another idea to make this years rose unique: a beautiful rose in a canister ala Beauty and the Beast. Another good thing about this is, the rose would lasup to five years!

You can go with the classic red or also choose a unique color from the 20 different options. You can also choose the size you want for the enclosure and add an engraving for a personalized touch.

6) Mountain Sterling Silver Necklace

beautiful necklace for valentines day

This mountain sterling silver necklace is perfect for those ladies who love both nature (and the mountains) and jewelries. Possibly also a good reminder of a nice trip you had as a couple to the mountains.

When buying this, you can choose the necklace length of 16, 8 or 20 inches . You can also opt for the gift option and add a note for the seller to beautifully wrap this into a nice Valentine’s present.

7) Hello Beautiful Polka Dots Coffee Mug

Polka dots valentines day cup for her

Do you want her to have a daily reminder of hoe beautiful she is? This nice ceramic coffee mug could do the trick. She’d be reminded that you gave her a gift that would want to remind her that she’s beautiful. And that’s sweet! So why don’t you order this mug now?

8) Tarte Dont Quit Your Day Dream Eyeshadow Palette

eye shadow palette for valentines day

Is your girl into make ups? She probably needs a new make up set and you can help her with that by giving her this eye shadow palette from Tarte. It comes with seven warm-toned eyeshadows and a white gold highlighter, just perfect for your date nights.

9) CDE 18K White/Rose Gold Plated Necklace


How about choosing a heart shaped necklace as a gift to show your undying love? Its pendant is made of rose gold plated zinc alloy, lead-free and nickel-free, and passed the Swiss SGS Inspection Standard. It’s also available in multiple colors Check out which suits your partner best here.

10) Customized Folded Book Art

book folded art for valentine's day

Another idea is to give her a new and unique display to her room that would signify your lasting relationship. How about a display of the initials of both your and her name? To add up to the uniqueness, you can do it through a recycled book and the help of this creative seller from Etsy.

You can request upto 10 letters to be included in the design, you can also ask to add a gold or silver embossing on the cover of the book. Is your girl a bilbliophile, you can also reach out to ask for a specific book for this project. You can start doing all these here.

11) Best Wife Ever Wine Glass

Romantic valentines day wine glass

Are you the kind of married couple who loves doing catch up over a glass of wine? If yes, it could be a great idea to give your wife a wine glass that would remind her how great she is for you.

This best wife ever wine glass will arrive at your doorstep already giftwrapped, avoiding your wife to spoil the surprise.

12) I Love You Spoon

I love you spoon

You can even add another interesting addition to the kitchenware valentine’s day gifts for her through this spoon with an i love you engraving. She’ll remember you everytime she uses this to eat at home.

The engraving on this i love you spoon is made through industrial standard engraving machine to ensure that the marking would last a lifetime.

13) Fluffy Pink Heart Shaped Decorative Pillow

heart shaped pillow for valentine's day

If your significant other loves soft and fluffy things or she’s into staying and lounging in bed during her days off work, she could appreciate this cute and fluffy heart shaped pillow. More to making your partner happy, a portion of the sales from these pillows can go to your chosen charity.

14) Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones

Beats headphones

Feeling extravagant for your girl who’s into music? This Beats Solo Pro wireless headphones will definitely make your partner happy. It comes in five other colors, too!

15) Heat Changing Mug With Lovely Cartoon Couples And Cute Cats

Mug with cartoon lovers for valentines day

Here’s another mug, but possibly better because this mug changes in color when filled with hot/warm liquid. You think this is something your girl would fancy? Order yours here.

16) Back and Neck Massage Pillow with Heating Function

pillow massager

You can also show her your love by making her feel comfortable through this massager pillow. This pillow massager is good for the back and the neck and also has a heating function to further the soothing feeling after a long tiring day at work.

17) DOVE Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Truffles Candy Heart

Valentine's day chocolate

Is she a sweet tooth? Then you can opt for the classics with this 18-piece heart-shaped milk chocolates from Dove as part of your Valentine’s day gifts for her.

18) Richie House Women’s Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe

Fleece bathrobe for her

How about making her post bath more comfortable with this fleece bathrobe? It’s made of 100% polyester and is available in various colors.

19) Personalized Wooden Picture Frame

cool wooden frame gift for valentines day

Help her steep up your couple photos with this one of a kind picture “frame” where the frame is the wood.

Your chosen photo will be custom printed on bass wood itself and you have an option to purchase it with a stand and add an engraved message to it. Romantic, right? Order yours here.

20) Personalized Star Map Wood Print

cool personalized star map wood print as a gift idea

Give her the view of the sky on a special occasion in your lives, such as your first kiss, first date, engagement, wedding, or anything else special. Just give the Etsy seller the date and location and poof, this could be personalized for you. You can also add a special text below the chart.

The board is made of grade A baltic birch plywood that is 3/4 inch thick and finished with a layer of coating for a semi-glossy look. Have yours personalized now.

If you also look for Valetine’s day cards, check out these adorable Baby Yoda Valentine’s day cards. If you want to put a sime on your loved one face these funny Valentine’s day cards will do the trick as well.