‘Delete’ Cleaning Wipes Design Deletes Dirt From Your Computer

Cleaning wipes today are used to clean almost everything from the kitchen counter top to a person’s face and their latest accomplishment is the conquering of the computers; Well these delete commuter cleaning wipes don’t actually delete data but do delete dirt from your computer.

Delete cleaning wipes 2

These cleaning wipes are the brainchild of Ben Cox who has come up with this simple solution to the age old problem (at least since the age of the computers began) of the dusty computer. The cleaning wipes themselves have been put into a special case shaped like the ‘Delete’ key on the keyboard ensuring that they are not used for anything else; the wipes can be pulled out through the arrow shaped cut out at the top of the box making them easily accessible whenever needed. These wipes will definitely lend a helping hand in maintaining a spotless computer and would be a mandatory buy for anyone going for this steampunk styled desktop or even this alchemist keyboard mod.

Delete cleaning wipes 1

The Delete cleaning wipes though practical is not a novel idea, the delete key out of which they come though will be the true selling point of this product.