How to Jailbreak iPhone 4 (and previous iPhones) and iPad using JailbreakMe

For iPhone 4 owners who have patiently waited for a Jailbreak for their device, there are good news with the new JailbreakMe Browser method. For previous iPhone owners, this new system also provides an easy Jailbreaking method and also for iPad owners. Still, this new Jailbreak does NOT include a carrier unlock…release should be out hopefully within 48 hours. To Jailbreak your iPhone 4 (and previous iPhones) using this new simple method, follow the steps below.

Update (October 10, 2010): New Limera1n iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Released by GeoHot for iPhone 4, 3gs, iPod Touch and also iPad

Important Notes:

Note 1: Jailbreaking your iPhone and iPad is at your own discretion
Note 2: some iPhone 4 owners reported that they have had some problems with FaceTime and MMS after this Jailbreak. Although a fix was updated to the current JailbreakMe method, previous users of JailbreakMe should restore with the latest backup they made before their Jailbreak.
Note 3: This Jailbreak does NOT yet work for iPhone 4.1 Beta users nor properly with iPad running 3.2.1 OS.

How to Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G with iOS 4 or 4.0.1 AND iPad on iOS 3.2.1 using JailbreakMe 2.0:

Step 1:

Backup completely

Step 2:

Using the device you would like to Jailbreak, visit in the Safari browser

iPhone 4 Jailbreak Me 1

Step 3:

As instructed at site…slide to Jailbreak and confirm you would like to Jailbreak

iPhone 4 Jailbreak Me 2

Step 4:

Jailbreak download begins…please be patient. After the download finishes, the actual Jailbreak will take place, remain patient.

iPhone 4 Jailbreak Me 3

iPhone 4 Jailbreak Me 4

Step 5:

Once Jailbreak succeeds you will receive a confirmation, stating that Cydia has been added to your home screen.

iPhone 4 Jailbreak Me 5


Since this Jailbreak has just been released and so many people are doing so at the same time, Cydia has been packed and may not load immediately for you. In that case…relax and try again a bit later. Moreover, sometimes the Jailbreak doesn’t work properly, and you will see such a display. If that is so…then try again.

iPhone 4 Jailbreak Me 7

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