Monopoly Makes Social Media Serious Business

Can there ever be enough Monopoly themes out there? I don’t think so.

I mean just about every college has their own now. Popular movie franchises? Got you covered there, too. Heck even cities have their own iteration of the iconic game. It should come as no surprise then, that someone came up with their own Social Media variation.

All of your favorite gadgets and companies are here. I feel a little bad for some of the cheaper properties though. I mean come on, Linked In isn’t that worthless, is it? I think having the smart phones listed as the railroads is a little bit of a stretch, but otherwise I have to say I’m impressed. Even Jail has been renamed “You’ve been backtraced” by the cyberpolice. Take that wannabe identity thieves!

I also enjoy some of the expenses listed on the board, too. Who hasn’t been docked by Paypal in their financial dealings at some point? Chance and Community chest are well represented here too, with Technorati and Mashable. Sure there aren’t any super-engineered zombies stomping around the board like this Resident Evil Monopoly Mod, and it isn’t quite as funny as this Family Guy Monopoly variation, but it provides its own distinct charm. But hey, if you aren’t satisfied with any of these Monopoloy overlays (I’m not sure how’s that possible, they seem to be pretty awesome) then you do have the option of making your very own Monopoly board too.  Just don’t be surprised if no one wants to play your new my dead pets themed game.

Via: Bite