The Space Invaders Couch For Geeky Yet Cool Interior

Old school gamers looking forward for a perfect memorabilia can feel good for now. Soon we could be having a cool Space Invaders couch sitting back right in our living rooms.The Space Invader Couch For Geeky Yet Cool Interior-1

The Space Invader Couch For Geeky Yet Cool Interior-2

If you loved classics, then this cool geeky furniture would have surely made your mouth drool by now, right? But, alas! Till date, this design is still in the form of a, well, a design. Adaptation and manufacturing of such a type of design for a couch is not heard of yet.

The Space Invader Couch For Geeky Yet Cool Interior-3

Designed by a guy called Igor Chak, this design was submitted on a popular art sharing portal. All in all, the geeky side of me would like to classify this design as an excellent use of one’s imagination and craziness, what say? Only one query though – how on earth would one expect to get that shiny gloss finish for a couch and yet maintain its comfort ability, huh?

The Space Invader Couch For Geeky Yet Cool Interior-4

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Via: Tuvie