28 Cool and Geeky Costume Hoodies

Fashion influences the human race in a variety of ways. We change our attire with reigning trends and style, basking in the glory of the latest vogue. However, there are apparels that have stood the test of time, and in spite of the changing fashions, embodies the real worth of an ‘evergreen’ trend.

Hoodie is one such garb which has been unaffected by the changing styles or prevailing fashion. Its distinct style with large frontal pockets and a drooping hood with drawstring is something that has not faded with time, and for this reason it is supposed to be known as one of the most versatile attires that are still around since the time they came in the market.

Now though the basic style of the hoodies has remained the same, their design, color, and usability have been changed according to personal style and taste of people. From geeky to punk, from cool to sexy, from funny to cute, costume hoodies are now available in various forms and shapes. Take a look at some of the coolest hoodies that are listed below and you will understand why hoodies are still so famous amongst people.

Superman Costume Hoodie

With this Superman-Costume Hoodie you can get yourself back to reality from the reel and ready yourself to save the world. A prized possession for every superman fan, this hoodie comes with a detachable cape.

Batman Hoodie

If you have been invited for a costume party and don’t wish to look insane like the rest of the gang, this Batman Hoodie is the garb you should put on. Besides, the detachable cape, it has a Batman headgear to make you look completely like the super-hero.

Batman Costume Hoodie

Another collectible for the Batman fans is this cool Batman Costume Hoodie. Whether you are thirteen or thirty years of age, you would be floored by the amazing design of this full zip hoodie.

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Aquaman Hoodie

So what if this garb can’t help you stay underwater, it has all the punk of the Aquaman character to make you feel one. This zip-up Aquaman hoodie is yet another cool sweatshirt you just cannot ignore.

Captain America Hoodie

Why should you stay behind in the race to save the world from the evils? This Captain America hoodie is one such apparel that will motivate you to step up and get rid of all the negative forces off the earth.

Flash Hoodie

Flash, though not a very popular figure from the comic series is another character to have again inspired the apparel designers to create this unique grab. This washable Flash hoodiedesign flaunts lightening bolt and speedy gears.

Green Lantern Hoodie

The Green lantern hoodie comes with the exact green color of the superhero along with a back hood attached to a drop down mask that covers half your face. This hoodie is a perfect way to get into the skin of the real character.

American Hero Hoodie

The Greatest American Hero Hoodie is a tribute to the 80s TV series that lasted for three seasons. Yet another chance for you to flaunt your favorite super hero from the unforgotten era.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hoodie

Whom did you like being most – Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo, or Michelangelo as a child when you made sure you never missed watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show? Whichever be the character, I am sure you would be excited to get this TMNT hoodie. Take a look and you would know why.

Krang Hoodie

This is a must for all the Teenage mutant ninja turtle’s fans who love its villain character Krang. Great attire for geeky parties, the teenage mutant ninja turtles krang hoodiefeatures a picture of krang on the hoodie belly and has its tentacles spread on the arms.

Shredder Hoodie

All you need is to wear this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder Hooded Sweatshirt to demonstrate your action-hero skills. Inspired from the TMNT series, this sweatshirt plus hoodie is distinct, cool and impressive.

Hellboy Hoodie

Strange, unusual, weird are the words that spring into your mind while you look at this hoodie? Though a little wacky, this Hellboy Hoodie scores more points for its unconventional design.

Marvel-Tokidoki Hoodie

Now, no body can stop you from reading comics. These Simone Legno designed Marvel Tokidoki hoodies are rare yet interesting designs that help you define fashion in a new comic buff way.

Tron Glow Hoodie

The Super Cool Tron Hoodie glows in the dark and reminds of the super hero from the 80s that enthralled everyone with its spectacular light cycle scene with its light cycle, leaving behind colored walls of light.

Sark Lightning Tron Hoodie

The flashy Sark Tron hoodie glows in the dark using its lightning bolt effect. This is definitely the trendiest hoodie best suited for the late night theme parties.

R2D2 Hoodie

Does this hoodie look amazing? Yes, indeed. The R2D2 Hoodie is a must have for all the Star Wars fans around the world. Now, you can adopt a robotic role as well and see how your friends go crazy over this geeky grab.

Stormtrooper Hoodie

All of us have a Death Star to face in our everyday life like those in the sci-fi series. What do you choose to do? I would definitely grab this Stormtrooper Hoodie to fight it out until I win the battle.

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Mega Man Hoodie

This Mega Man hoodie is not just another sweatshirt that makes you warm and cozy. This Blue Bomber hoodie is likely to be a big rage amongst the gaming geeks because of its unique style and design.

Pacman Hooded Sweatshirt

This Pacman hooded sweatshirt is one of less expensive yet exclusive garbs that every gaming geek would want to possess. Don’t miss out on its unique Pacman design including colored dots and power pellets.

Super Mario Bros Hoodie

Is it difficult for you to get out of the gaming mode? Take a look at this Super Mario Bros Camouflage zipper. Its design consists of the trendy 8 bits graphics and dark underground colour theme.

Master Chief Halo Hoodie

If you have ever wished to do your bit when you watched the Marc Ecko Master Chief Halo, saving his hometown from the perils of the aliens on TV, this Master Chief Halo hoodie is just what you need.

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Tetris Hoodie

Briantris is a Low Rez designed hoodie, and displays tetris blocks on the hood to resemble brains. So when you are too busy and someone gives an additional task, just point your finger towards the design to tell him ‘Sorry, I don’t think I can take more’.

Game Boy Hoodie

The game boy hoodie from Captain N resembles a human sized super computer that was featured in the cartoon series of Captain N:  The game master.

Tanooki Suit Hoodie

This Tanooki Suit Hoodie by Themie is unique apparel wherein the designer has included a detachable tail on the behind and kangaroo pockets on the front side. A costume party would be the best place to don and flaunt this zipper.

iHood Hoodie

A hoodie that can control your iGadget? This iHood Hoodie can do exactly the same using the controls embedded on one of its sleeves. A hands-free hoodie for your igadgets.

Mouth Man Hoodies

The Mouth Man Hoodie is a refreshing break from the regular Superman hoodies; not just because of its attractive design, but also because of the adrenaline rush it provides because of the superman feel.

Mr T Hoodie

If you think this is the new red colored Mr T Hoodie inspired from the B A Baracus series your guess is absolutely correct. You are sure to attract many eyeballs with this hoodie having Mr T’s face handcrafted on its back.

Black Rhino Kiss Hoodie

Sounds weird? Well, this Black Rhino Kiss hoodie also looks eerie. If you wish to look your geekiest amongst your friends, this hoodie is just made for you. The hoodie is a kind of tribute to the celebrated US Rock Band.