Starcraft 2 iPod Spoof Video

Blizzard has always been about throwing in references to other movies,TV series, and game characters. This is particularly true in World of Warcraft, where you’ll find characters that look remarkably similar to say, He-Man, or The Big Lebowski.

Starcraft 2 continues that tradition with the iPistol, an obvious spoof of the long lasting marketing campaign by Apple for the iPod music players.

You’ll recognize the coloration and style right away with this rather short video showing a terran marine dancing around with a pistol. Cue the terrible pun with the line “The iPistol: Take your shot at Life.” Get it? Cause it is a pistol and it shoots! ha HA.

Speaking of World of Warcraft, if you’ve played the now widely known MMO, you’ll also recognize another easter egg right away. In Cantina there’s a holographic night elf dancing around up on the balcony where Tosh likes to sit (she also makes an appearance on a billboard in one of the missions as well. I guess Tosh, even being as crazy as he is, still likes the ladies. Or he just likes the ability to see everything that’s going on in Cantina…but what do I know, I’m no Spectre (You probably took the attractive Ghost lady instead, didn’t you?)

If you’re looking for some other fun Starcraft stuff, might I suggest taking a look at this Wood Burned Starcraft 2 CD holder (I don’t have one since I opted for the digital download, but that doesn’t make it any less cool). Or if you’re into Starcraft trivia you can check out one of our roundups for 12 things about Starcraft that you may not have known.

Via: Obamapacman