Get Touchscreen Interface On Your Arm With Skinput

The latest technological advancements are gradually updating our lives so much so that now instead of creating new gadgets and technologies it has turned the human body itself into something that one can fancy to find in his gadgets only and similar such instance is the latest “Skinput” technology that turns the arms of a man into a touchscreen.

arm touchscreen

At a time when the touchscreen formula is creating much ado about it and people are heading towards things like cellphones, music players and iPad etc. that promises touchscreen features, Skinput is a wonder that eases one with all the touchscreen options of his gadget right in his arm. So, while you are listening to your favorite number, you may this time not have to stretch your hand to change the track or to lower the volume because everything will be on your hands only and you will just need to tap on your desired option. Developed and introduced by the trio, Chris Harrison from Carnegie Mellon University with Desney Tan and Dan Morris of Microsoft Research, the Skinput technology has left no doubt about it being innovative and the first ever concept of its kind.

arm touchscreen 2x

Not every part of the human body can be turned into touchscreen compatibility and hence, before considering the human arms for this purpose, everything was being thoroughly examined and tested. Before turning the arms into a touchscreen, the human body is made appropriate so that it supports acoustic transmission and can comply well for being used as an input surface. They found 95.5% compatibility by comprising five places of an arm and that was the beginning of the process that encouraged them to go on with the technology.

arm touchscreen 3

The mechanical vibrations created in each part of the body are the thing that is first examined in this process. When the fingers tap on a particular part of the body, the rate of vibration is tested and things have been found going good in the arms area. So, the scientists have used this mechanical vibration created in the arms as signals and for collecting these they uses an armband that works quite well as a novel array of sensors.

arm touchscreen 4

Before finally coming out with this concept of Skinput, the developers have gone through a long study as well and for analyzing the capability of the human body and its perfection they tested it on twenty-participant through a two part study. The video release of the Skinput technology will live you totally speechless, check it out!!

Via: Illusion 360