Vampire Killing Kits now in Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

For all those who followed the Vampire series religiously and thought garlic was the only way to wade them off, they can now open their eyes wide and check the actual instruments that supposedly were used to kill them, now showcased in the museum of Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Spooky as it may sound, it’s true and for all to see. Ripley’s Believe It or Not museums can be found in 8 countries around the world and has a great collection of original vampire killing kits. It is said that there are only 26 of these original kits and most of them being in Ripley’s museums.

Most of such kits are said to have been made in Boston and was made to order for those who travel to remote places like Transylvania or other rumored places famous for such happenings. Mainly containing a crucifix, bible, wooden stake, holy water, pistol with lead bullets and various concoctions that were meant to wreak havoc among the blood thirsty night crawlers. Each was especially used in an era when people began to speak about their menace and even before the Dracula movies hit the screens.

These kits have made their way to the open long back. It was even sold off on the net till sometime back, before getting pulled out because of the supposed evil content in the box.

With so many movies and tons of myths surrounding these nocturnal creatures, the curiosity on them and relative thoughts are bound to rise; hence making such kits a huge hit among the museum’s many exhibits. Next time you go to one such place, do have a look at the things that were used from the 19th century onwards.

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Via: Oddity Central