Yellow Submarine wedding cake – exceptional looks and great taste

The mere word of cake conjures up the images of people eating different assortments of sumptuous cakes. Of the extensive varieties of cakes being created almost every day, I would be making a mistake if I do not mention about the Yellow Submarine wedding cake. Yellow Submarine Wedding Cake

By simply looking at this awesome Yellow Submarine cake at a wedding venue, I am sure you would definitely ponder over how much share you will get of this cake or when will it be served. I guess you would even ask for a  second slice after getting your share.

This awesome Yellow Submarine Wedding Cake is created by Estanged Illusions from devianART. By reading through the details of this cake, I learned that the inspiration for making this classic cake came from The Beatles 1968 animated movie, Yellow Submarine. In cake competitions, this cake must always be present with all other competitive cakes, and it would definitely win at least one of the coolest and prestigious awards with its exceptional looks and great taste.

The cake was illustrated as Vanilla strawberry cake with strawberry filling, marshmallow fondant and white butter cream. The figures on the cake are just color flows i.e. a type of icing. With the exclusion of the submarine topper, you can have a bride and groom on top. These toppers are made from the polymer clay called Sculpey. Making the top with Sculpey is suggested so the couple can have a keepsake after the ceremony. Other inspiring cakes include  Harry Potter Cake and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake.

Via: Neatorama