BenQ BW 1000 features of a Great Device

BenQ BW 1000 might sound as something that’s out of this world, but it’s not. BenQ BW 1000 External OTG Drive is an added burner that uses the Blu-ray Disk technology.

BW gray

This allows users to burn a large amount of data – about 50GB. It was created by Chia Wei Lin. The product is based on the On the Go technology (OTG), and is endowed with a great feature: it allows the users to burn large amounts of data on a CD or DVD. More on, the USB interface for the Point to Point connection type allows  transmission of files to different mobile devices like mobile phones, digital cameras, and PDA.

Briefly, this device is a revolutionary and advanced device created by Philips & BenQ Digital Storage. It uses the most performant triple-laser with optical pick-up Philips unit. This revolutionary feature is made possible by the separated infrared, red, and blue lasers  to assure  its Blue-ray Disc read and write capabilities and read and write compatibility with existing DVD and CD formats.

BW side
Its advanced and innovative pick up unit features a very flexible architecture that will surely improve efficiency while its versatile design can even be improved or customized which in my opinion is a great advantage.
The fact that it offers over 50 GB recording capacity on optical disks, it meets the great need of users nowadays – storing large amounts of data.

Its Blu-ray Disc with its most advanced features is designed to accomplish all the user requirements of this new generation because its data speed,  data storage capacity, the interactivity of the contents and the protection of the copy are top-notch. It has a unique format that has 25 GB capacity on a disk with a single layer and 50 GB on disk with a double layer.

BW with camera
More on, it has enough capacity to support interactive sessions and bonus materials for a unique entertainment experience. It targets especially those users who archive photos and video data on their hard disk. Blu-ray Disc is the unique rewritable and recordable format that offers such an exceptional option of optical storage capacity.
What seems to be great, at least in my opinion, is the fact that it can support almost any innovation without complications and even its flexible architecture was prepared to meet future improvements.