Making of AT-AT Day Afternoon – a Great Video

AT-AT Day Afternoon is a great video made by Patrick Boivin. It is a short video that tries to show a day with AT-AT pet from Star Wars.

What I can say is that if you haven’t seen the video, you should see it at least once.

At-At tree

It’s awesome and very well made. The video was a great success and now Patrick Boivin is having fun and is showing the public how he realized this video.
Star Wars is one of the SF serials with great popularity among people all over the world. Its beloved characters have remained popular and loved till today and they were recreated in all kinds of hypostasis. We must not forget the Star Wars dolls,  toys, comics, backpacks and other things created for the Star Wars fans.
In fact, AT-AT Day Afternoon is a pretty joke related to Star Wars. And its popularity comes not only because the video has AT-AT as the main character. Its popularity comes from the fact that the video is extremely well made too.

AT-AT and book

The animation is great. AT-AT imitates the movements of a real dog in the most natural way. It fawns upon its master, barks at a squirrel and climbs up a tree to try to catch it, and uses a tree as only a dog knows how. More on, he runs along a real dog and if you look at the image carefully you’ll notice that its movements are amazing so much like the real dog movements, which is one of the great parts that made this video become so popular.

It’s pretty self-explanatory so just hit the play button and let the Star Wars fun being. This is a short video by Patrick Boivin entitled “Making of AT-AT Day Afternoon”. It’s a documentary showing  how the filmmaker created the typical day in the life of a pet AT-AT. I really love where it’s shouting/ barking at the cat.

little At-AT

There are many other interesting bits like that. AT-AT Day Afternoon is a carefully crafted film, which depicts an antiquated Star Wars toy as a pet. Aside from flesh and bone, the injected mold plastic counterpart does everything.

Though AT-AT does look like an animal, who would have thought it can actually be a sweet little pet. The visual effects here are seamless. The “making of AT-AT Day Afternoon” video shows off Boivin’s special effect skills, to say nothing of his camera work and taste of awesome lighting. It’s especially interesting to see how he disassembles his vintage AT-AT toy before rebuilding it to suit his own unique needs.