Get Instant Prints With the Instant Cartridge Printer Design

Among most of the devices that come paired in the context of the computer usages, the printer is one notable thing and that perhaps has been realized well by Yuexun Chen & Chia-Chen Hsiao who recently came up with a new concept of the disposable printer.

cartridge printer 2

The designer says that idea of this Cartridge printer has been derived from the concept of disposable cameras and it is expected that the device will work perfectly enough to meet the demands of its user. If you ask me the plus point of this printer, then it is disposable and you will not have to be careful enough while handling or carrying it.  Every printer of this type comes with a particular target, i.e., the number of papers to be printed by the printer and is available according to the paper size. So, you can just get that printer only which resembles the size of the paper that you have and after you are done with your printing, it is of no use. You can throw it away right after you are done!

cartridge printer

The disposable printer can be conveniently connected to a USB device for which the green protected line of both sides of the printer is torn away. The USB compatibility of the device does not only help in getting connected to a digital camera but to a computer as well. With an internal battery integrated to it, the printer is as good and as powerful in its function as a normal printer is. The notable factor is that in spite of being made of recycled paper, the cartridge and the battery in-built in the printer are all safe. Without any tension for power supply and any worry about its connectivity, the service provided by the disposable printer truly is instant and reliable.

cartridge printer 3

The most relieving thing about the disposable printer is that it does not fall heavy on the pocket of the buyers and one can think of affording these without wasting a single minute, unlike the traditional printers.

cartridge printer 4

Another benefit of this disposable printer is that you will not have to be bothered about carrying a printer with you whenever you go for a business meeting out of station. No need to pack and carry a printer and simply buy one disposable printer right before the meeting. So, are you now interested in getting a disposable printer that leaves you with no worry for the hotspots of the wires as well?

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Via: Yankodesign