Style up your wrist with the new MTV Tetris Swatch Watch!

MTV came up with an innovative way of using their online design team to help the creative souls and designed the swatch watch with the design of their choice. Tetris, a game we loved and got addicted to, however, was an interesting choice for a watch design and when the idea came to life, we got MTV’s Tetris Swatch Watch.

We can now have our beloved game on our swatch watches and sport the style with élan thanks to MTV’s creative team. The one game we played mindlessly for hours, Tetris, has popped its head up again and this time as a design, so that our love for the game is not just limited to the small screen of the game console. You can now have the Tetris design spread over your swatch watch. Thanks to the love of some other Tetris admirer who participated in the competition. Now made available in black and white background with Tetris blocks designed on the straps and some blocks elegantly designed even on the dial, giving it an edge.

Going by the worldwide popularity of this Game, the thought of designing it on a watch was an instant hit when it appeared during the MTV’s competition on designing your swatch watch. So now you can either go ahead and get yourself this Tetris Swatch Watch or go ahead and design one and win yourself an art field trip to Shanghai and VIP tickets to China World Expo 2010, making it a win-win situation either way by the MTV team!

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