Get Star Wars Characters To Bite With Star Wars Sandwich Cutters

If your kids were never concerned about their evening snacks or breakfasts and always fill you up with loads of excuses of not eating their sandwiches that you prepared for them then this time you will not have to plead them.

Star Wars Sandwich Cutters

Simply keep a plate of Tie Fighter sandwich before them and they will jump on it! Kids generally are die hard fans of the Star Wars characters and objects like the Millennium Falcon and the Tie Fighters.

For being fictional starfighters of the universe these are all quite known and dear to them. So, parents can have real fun in feeding their kids with sandwiches from now on as making the Tie Fighter and Millennium Falcon sandwiches is no pain. The sandwiches are only required to be placed in the cutters shaped exactly like that of the Tie Fighters and get that very same shape. Designed and made by Jedi Kitchen Council, these cutters come for $29.95 only and there is one more thing to get attracted about this kit- the vintage tins in which these cutters come packed!

Easy to use and the cut sandwiches kept within it, these Star Wars sandwich cutters can be used by anybody of any age. You will have nothing to worry about the safety of your kids when lending these and they can have more fun while they prepare sandwiches by themselves. A set of the sandwich cutters comprises of two cutters with two different shapes- Millennium Falcon and Tie Fighter.

Made of stainless steel and plastic, the safety of the cutters adds to the many great things about these. These are hand washable too, adding another plus point. Yet the next best (and to say more accurately) impressive and attractive thing about these cutters is that these come in awesome vintage tins, measuring 7 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ x 6 1/2″, which can take away anyone’s heart, especially of those who keep a hobby of collecting and carrying unique items. However, if you find these appealing, you must hurry as the vintage style tins of these cutters are very limited in stock.      

The reason behind the introduction of these sandwich cutters by the Jedi Kitchen Council is that they want to celebrate the victory of Rebel Alliance’s over the evil Empire. Impressive and truly a unique way of celebration! You can add some more celebrations to the Star Wars sandwich cutters by using these for making sandwiches for your kid’s party and have fun as you watch them cheering up.

Not just eat Star Wars, wear Star Wars shoes and keep fit by doing Star Wars Yoga.

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