Epson Employees Build an Acura NSX Super GT Race Car…Out of Paper

I guess despite the lagging economy, businesses cutting back, and unemployment running rampant, not all workplaces are hellholes that breed fear and discontent. These Epson employees have so much time on their hands, in fact, that they decided to build a car.

Not just any car, though. True to the Epson style of… doing stuff with paper, they constructed a full size replica of an Epson race car. Take THAT productivity numbers.

Well, someone had to pay for all this. But as you might have expected, it wasn’t the poor schlubs who’s throwing this together. The paper car was sponsored by Epson and is a 1:1 scale model of an Acura NSX Super GT racecar. That’s short for badass mother%*$%&* car.  I guess it would be a bit cooler if you could actually drive this massive paper construct around but the final product still looks nice enough on its own. I guess. I hope these employees got a nice bonus for their efforts,  though, unless Epson has a team of  “paper engineers” at the firm’s disposal. If so, get back to work you baloogas, there’s paper to fold.

If you’re looking at the size of those cutouts and wondering how you could do this yourself… well don’t. I don’t think the costs of producing that finely tuned paper machine are all that far off from a regular car (hint: not an Acura race car), but there is still plenty to do on the regular old desktop level, too.

We’ve featured a number of fun papercraft goodies here, including (but not limited to..that’s contact speak) how to make your very own Cubee Leon The Professional. There’s also my personal favorite, the Freedom Gundam made from Paper or the Audi R8 Papercraft Model.

Via:  Techi