Jailbreak iPhone 4 To Run Flash With Frash 0.02!

The most important and striking feature that Apple iPhone lacks is the capacity to support the Flash compatible contents, but you can with the Jailbreak iPhone 4 with Flash 0.02.

Flash on iPhone 4

The procedure of jailbreaking the Apple iPhone is so easy that you can try it out on your own. Once the handset gets jailbroken, it is all set to support the Flash content in it, which means the door to more fun and entertainment will be open to you!


The instructions are easy. But, before moving on to jailbreaking your iPhone 4 you must know that, once it gets jailbroken, the warranty term of the handset may get invalidated. Although that is not so serious an issue, you should give it a thought.

That being said, let’s get started with the steps of installing the Flash applications in the Apple iPhone 4.

cyberduck 1

First, get the iPhone jailbroken. Right after that, install OpenSSH, which is available for download at Cydia. Thirdly, the device will have to be connected to the computer, but make sure the iTune on the handset is not running.

Flash on iPad

Following it, based on the Operating System of the handset, you will have to download either Cyberduck or WinSCP . Cyberduck is for Mac and WinSCP is for handsets with Windows. Then you will have to log into the handset.  The procedures for logging in are different based on the Operating Systems. So, before we go further, I will explain to make it easier for you all.

For Cyberduck installation, the IP address of the device will have to be entered and then follow these instructions as mentioned: Settings- WiFi- the particular network name. The handset will ask for username where you will enter “:root”. The password will be “alpine” followed by the Protocol: SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).

Flash on iPhone4

For handsets with Windows, the procedure will be bascially the same as with the one for Mac. But in the last step, i.e., where you are asked to insert the protocol, you will need to insert “SCP”.

Once all these steps are done, you will have to download the Flash-0.02.deb from the link /var/root/Media and create a new folder by naming it as Cydia. Enter into this folder and make another folder, naming it as “AutoInstall”. Next, simply copy the Flash-0.02.deb file and paste it in the “AutoInstall” folder. Lastly, restart your Apple iPhone 4. You should find that it will start supporting the Flash contents.

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Via: 9to5mac and redmondpie