It’s Braille time! literally

In today’s day and age, a disability does not necessarily force a person to remain indoors all the time. On a daily basis we can see people with handicaps such as visual disability, moving about and doing well as folks with all senses in tact.

But how do visually impaired people know the right time and make sure they are punctual to all their meetings. Well they probably have to depend on friends, family or friendly strangers to know the time. Not anymore. There is good news.

The “OOSH” watch,which tells the time in Braille, is designed just for the visually impaired person who’s always on the go. This cool timepiece is certainly not the first one made for visually impaired folks however given the functionality it has, it is bound to be a sure fire favorite. Designed by designer Wing li, the “OOSH” is a watch that shows time in Braille, which for the uninformed is a technique which enables blind and visually impaired people to read and write. The main dial of this watch shows time in Braille. Meaning that the the person wearing the watch can tell the time by just feeling the dial of the watch and “reading” the time.

However what if the visually impaired person doesn’t know how to read in Braille ? No problem still, as the watch also has the voice notifications feature. Simply by doing the action of ‘looking up time’, one can make the watch tell the time. The visually impaired person has to just raise his or her arm and tilt the watch to engage the motion sensors, which upon sensing this motion, triggers the voice activation that announces the time.

This sounds extremely handy even for folks who know how to read in Braille. The only drawback I can see with this, is the level of effectiveness at noisy places like a restaurant or a train. The user also has the option to switch between the touch or the voice notification with minimal fuss using an adequately sized button on the side. With a 3.5 mm strap thickness it’s very light and comfy to wear too.

It’s good to finally see a product which doesn’t just sit pretty in the shelf but also proves to be extremely useful for people in need, and on top of that looks trendy too.

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